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The whiteboard faces me
Each morning when I lift my head
With the title “Some Truths”
Above a list of some truths:

People need time and space to think.
From a chaotic moment
Decisions slipped passed me making themselves

Reading books is objectively good.
Stacks overflowing the bookshelves
I can’t help the ravenous hunger
To read and read and read

Capitalism sucks.
That the structure isn’t real
That we’re merely a collection of individuals

Sophie loves Jack a lot
XOXO Gossip Girl

Jack loves Sophie a lot too

Communism is the answer.

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The knot is rooted in my gut reaction to seeing Black Lives Matter lawn signs scattered through my wealthy, white, suburban, colonized neighborhood. They are everywhere. In fact, they’re the only new change since the protests started back in May. We’ll virtue signal ourselves to death before looking at the superstructure. The irony churns in my stomach with the rest of my distasteful reaction to this settler colonial project. My gut is telling me that this isn’t how it’s supposed to be.

While outside of human influence, trees grown naturally in forests develop a web of communication with each other…

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The thought keeps popping into my head:
I want to drop out of school.
The suffocating monotony does not appeal to me anymore.

For a while, I wanted to go to graduate school.
I joined the pre-law fraternity during my first weeks at college.
There were good people, and I made friends.
Ultimately, I realized the deadening minutia of law was not for me and decided I want something alive.

By the end of my freshman year, I transferred out of my international affairs program to pursue math and philosophy. For my couple months in quarantine, the allure of that…

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Understanding humanity must be an attempt at finding the true middle.
To demean and to deify are forms of objectification.
People can only be the subject.

I was listening to an episode of Revolutionary Left Radio (amazing podcast, highly recommend) where Breht talked with Alyson about how killing innocents had been a rigid line of his.
He stated while Marxism had fundamentally changed his view on violence in general, violence against innocents had not moved.
To understand this line, we need to examine our understanding of innocence.

Breht often mentions women and children in violent mass murders as a hallmark…


He/him, putting my thoughts into the world until I have a good one

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